The True Cost of a Cheap Soap Dispenser

With the never ending demand to cut costs and stay profitable, it is tempting to view sanitation and hygiene measures as an easy place for companies to save. But not only is this dangerous; it could in fact increase your costs.

Occupational Health and Safety is an area that is under increased scrutiny by the Department of Labour. And for good reason, as the safety and wellbeing of staff is paramount to a growing economy. This is especially true when it comes to basic hygiene and sanitation in company toilet and washroom facilities.

It is common practise in many industries to provide soap dispensers, and this is just one example of where things can go wrong. There are many different quality grades and types of soap dispensers to cater for virtually any circumstances.

Cristal Clean supplies a closed soap dispenser that utilises sealed refills. While this may appear more expensive at first glance, it soon becomes clear that it is in fact cheaper and safer in the long run, when you consider the following:

Soap grade

With a sealed unit it is not possible to use a different liquid soap than the one that the unit is designed for. This prevents the use of sub-standard and unhealthy liquid soaps purchased from dubious sources, but also has the added advantage of increasing the life-span of the dispenser.

Quality guarantee

A high quality product carries extensive supplier warranty, as the product has been designed and manufactured for the type of application and usage it is being deployed for. A cheaper unit may not carry the same types of warranty and instead increase your cost for services and repairs.

Foreign objects

Budget focused soap dispensers are usually open at the top to allow you to pour your favourite liquid soap into the storage compartment. This may seem like a very attractive option as it gives you the freedom to purchase a cheaper grade liquid soap than the one that is recommended by the supplier. However, apart from increased cost through blocked nozzles and no control of the amount of liquid being dispensed, there are serious health issues to consider as well. We have replaced budget units that were blocked by needles and infected by bacteria/germs and even dead skin cells. Imagine the negative impact this could have on both staff and customers who visit your premises.

Correct dispensing

In a controlled environment where sealed liquid soap refills are used, the higher quality of the foam soap refills ensures that it lasts longer and that less volume is needed. There is a consistent and measurable benefit in controlling each dose per serving according to recommendations, and does away with the risk of theft at the same time.

There are many things to consider when it comes to hygiene in your business. We are experts in this area and offer a free, no obligations, advisory service. Contact us right away so we can ensure that you make use of the best possible solution.


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