Welcome to Cristal Solutions

specialises in providing professional cleaning services to a wide spectrum of clients, using non-chemical agents, i.e. microbial, enzymatic and plant extract alternatives for standard cleaning requirements.

provides a fully serviced washroom solution for your premises. Our equipment is environmentally friendly and available on Rental or Outright purchase.

provides personnel outsourcing and deployment services to a variety of industries at all levels of expertise, from manual labourers to specialist personnel. This division has lately been specialising in supplying qualified nursing staff and care givers to our Care Contracts.

offers a professional and personalised Pest Control Service to the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Industry, using only biodegradable and organic toxins.

Vehicles are disinfected and kept hygienic for the transportation of food and perishables

Specialised cleaning functions are all performed by our team using microbial alternatives with impressive results

Specialising in remediation recycling and reusing of truck wash bay water via biological means using constructed wetland technology

We are a Level 1, 77% Black owned and 32.27% Black women owned, BEE Compliant company.

Johannesburg: 011 027 4782 | Cape Town: 021 829 0373 |