Outsource Division

Cristal Outsource provides personnel outsourcing and deployment services to a variety of industries at all levels of expertise from general workers to specialist personnel. Quite simply, we take away time-consuming, non-revenue-generating activities such as recruitment, training, personnel administration and payroll functions.

This leaves you free to concentrate on your core business with a dedicated, trained and stable labour force.
One of the key services we provide is the management of the payroll. We offer a combination of any of the following services:

  • Capturing of monthly, fortnightly and weekly payroll changes
  • Calculation of company contributions, deductions and allowances
  • Printing of professionally secure payslips
  • Monthly variance reporting
  • Allocation of deductions and allowances to comply with the new IRP5 format
  • Variance reporting
  • Generation of IRP5s
  • Addition of new employees and removal of ex-employees
  • Payment of payroll creditors on your behalf
  • Leave balance reporting
  • Payroll backups

We structure our contracts to suit our clients’ needs and to accommodate fluctuations in the business cycle. Staff members are recruited to comply with our clients’ Employment Equity requirements and we thoroughly check their skills, medical fitness, experience, qualification and character references. We supply and manage contract staff, temporary and permanent employees. We pride ourselves on good communication with our employees and ensure that they are trained, competent and aware of their duties and responsibilities. Any problems are dealt with in a professional manner, in accordance with the current labour laws.

We are able to service the following sectors of industry:

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  • Metal industry
  • Motor industry
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Electricity, gas and water supply industries
  • Construction industry
  • Wholesale and retail outlets


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  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Transport and storage industries
  • Communication companies
  • Financial, Insurance and Real Estate providers
  • General business skills
  • Community services


The advantages of using Cristal Outsource

Outsourcing personnel has become a widely used option in business because it enables a company to focus on its core business and avoid problems with the increasingly complex labour and tax legislation. Cristal Outsource provides a number of advantages to its clients including:

  • Transfer of the risk associated with employing permanent staff
  • Reduced costs of personnel administration
  • The ability to plan staff costs more accurately
  • Reduced training costs
  • No time spent on HR and IR issues, including CCMA hearings and union meetings
  • Sourcing the right skills and qualifications for the job specified

Increasingly this division is specialising on water recycling and remediation of contaminated water to their clients, primarily in the motor industry where wash bays and workshops are used. Copying natures wetlands that have filtered water for millions of years, our solutions is to allow contaminated water to flow through various organic media and expose it to plant, root and bacterial activity that removes heavy metals and breaks down hydrocarbons. The resultant filtered water pH levels are monitored to ensure the end product is potable. This can then be further treated using Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ozone (O³) to achieve drinking water.
We encourage rain water harvesting with the ever present water scarcity foremost on everybody’s minds.