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Feedem’s consulting services are based on its collective knowledge and real-world experience of the contract catering industry. Existing and prospective clients are invited to partner with us in order to find the optimal solution for their contract catering and related needs. Our consulting services include:

  • Kitchens, restaurants and canteens: Advice and input on the design, layout and furnishing of commercial and industrial kitchens, restaurants and cafeterias.
  • Catering and related equipment: Advice and input on the purchasing and installation of equipment.
  • Financial planning: Advice on the size of facilities, the type of equipment, the setup and running costs.


Feedem partners with clients to cost-effectively manage their facilities based on service level agreements. This allows clients to focus on their core business while we add instant capacity by managing all aspects of their facilities. For the client this translates into access to all the required facilities management resources and expertise, convenience, cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and one contact point via a dedicated Feedem facilities manager. Delivery is underpinned by service level agreements and Feedem’s quality standards. Facilities management programmes are drawn up by our specialist technicians in consultation with clients. Management reports are the drivers to ensure a well-managed and cost-effective service.


Our facilities management services include:

  • The maintenance of facilities, including gardens, roads and parks
  • The cleaning of facilities, which includes pest control and kitchen maintenance
  • The preventative maintenance of kitchen equipment


Clients typically include:

  • Hostels
  • Healthcare
  • Retirement

We offer contract cleaning services which include advice on how to achieve Green Building status. The innovative use of technology in our cleaning systems and our systematic change to environmentally friendly cleaning materials enable us to reduce our carbon footprint and offer clients a more sustainable solution. Ongoing training, follow-up inspections and adherence to pre-set quality standards ensure clients of peace of mind.

We offer services for:

  • Consulting: On all aspects of cleaning, cleaning materials, biodegradable cleaning materials and more.
  • Types of premises: Offices and other commercial buildings; hospitals, clinics and theatres; factories, warehouses and industrial buildings
  • Specified cleaning services: Carpet cleaning, window cleaning, vehicle valet services, floor care and protective coating applications, ceiling cleaning and grease trap cleaning
  • Comprehensive cleaning services: Deep-cleans and pre-occupation office cleans
  • Hygiene services: Hygiene and pest control services
  • Related services: Beverage services.


We provide a range of laundry services.