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It is important for Feedem to be a responsible corporate citizen that cares for profit, people and the planet.
The credentials and initiatives below reflect our commitment.


  • Partnerships and profit sharing: The company was the first catering company to embrace the principles of empowerment 22 years ago by entering into strategic partnerships and profit share schemes with employees and entrepreneurs.
  • BBBEE: We are a Level 2 contributor. Click here to view certificate.
  • BEE Procurement Recognition Level: 100%
  • Value Adding Supplier: Feedem Group (Pty) Ltd is a value adding supplier, which means that the sum of the company’s salaries and net profit before tax exceeds 25% of turnover. Any entity that procures from us can increase its verified spend with a factor of 1.25.

Skills development

It is important for us to keep our staff members happy. We therefore do not hesitate to invest in the quality and development of our staff. We use the following programmes and initiatives to achieve this:

  • Quality Assurance Programmes: We have developed various inhouse programmes to ensure adherence to quality standards.
  • Continuous learning journeys: Various training programmes developed by our Learning & Development Department help to ensure the continuous development of skills and competencies of staff members on all levels.

Learnership programme:

FEEDEM offer learnership opportunities to both employed and unemployed applicants that meet the basic requirements. This CATHSSETA recognized programmes run over a period of 12-month and successful learners obtain a national qualification in Professional cookery or Food and beverage studies.

Learners attend theory classes during the 12-month period, which covers, among others, food preparation, cooking methods, customer care, effective communication, secure working environment and food safety. The theory classes are supported by hands-on practical experience in a real-world, professional workplace environment.

For the February 2016 intake, we have enrolled the following number of learners in the respective programmes:

  • 5 x Unemployed learners for National certificate in Professional cookery,
    NQF Level 4
  • 9 x Employed learners for National certificate in Professional cookery,
    NQF Level 4
  • 8 x Unemployed learners for National certificate in Food and Beverage
    Services NQF Level 4
  • 2 x Employed learners for National certificate in Food and Beverage
    Services NQF Level

Learnership for learners living with a disability:

FEEDEM support 18 learners in Professional cookery from the NID College (National institute for the deaf) by providing class-and accommodation fees for a period of 1 year.

Skills programmes:

FEEDEM has enrolled 280 employees in various skills programmes between 2015 /2016. The skills programmes: Assistant chef, NQF 2 and Customer care are accredited by CATHSSETA. The skills programmes are benefiting the individual by enhancing their future career and quality of life. FEEDEM customers reap the benefit of ongoing skills training by experiencing the quality and latest innovation in food preparation.


FEEDEM has offered an internship to 30 university graduates, who have studies a hospitality qualification and 10 TVET college learners, who have completed their studies in NCV level 4, hospitality qualification. This 12 month structure programme provides learning objectives that give students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in our units. After this internship, students will have the opportunity to apply for full-time employment with FEEDEM.

Culinary excellence

The South African Chefs Association (SACA) launched its Centre for Culinary Excellence (CCE) at the University of Johannesburg, and Feedem is proud to be part of this initiative. At the opening of the centre, Feedem received a bronze plaque for its valuable contribution towards the project. The aim of this initiative is to:

  • Provide services tailored to meet the specific needs of SACA members, hospitality students and the public
  • Develop skills for our industry
  • Provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged students
  • Preserve the rich culinary heritage of our country by managing an archive for culinary artefacts and photographs, and a library with printed, online and electronic culinary resources.

Support and sponsorships

We are actively involved in various sponsorships, fundraising events, upliftment programmes and development initiatives throughout the country.

  • Sport: We sponsor various sports events for young people. This includes the Feedem Provincial Cricket Tournament (24 provincial teams including Namibia participate in this annual event).
  • Golf Days: Our corporate clients often host fundraiser golf days. We support their causes by sponsoring snacks, hampers, teams, shirts or holes.
  • Meals for the disabled: We sponsor daily meals for the residents of Masonic House – a home for disabled adults.


Environmental initiatives at Feedem
include the following:

  • Internal awareness campaigns and regular communication: We share information on responsible waste management, the reduction of our carbon footprint and other environmental concerns with our colleagues and clients on various platforms, which include newsletters, posters and e-mails.
  • Responsible waste management: We encourage recycling at all our sites throughout the country and sort our waste accordingly. Our waste management programme includes setting up wormeries which turn kitchen waste into quality compost for our herb and vegetable gardens.
  • Herb and vegetable gardens:  We have established various gardens around the country to help us provide fresh herbs and vegetables.